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In an ideal world, “Gilmore Girls” fans would care just as much about Rory Gilmore’s (Alexis Bledel) career as they do about her love life. Our evidence: The many fierce debates over the last decade about whether Rory should have ended up with Dean, Jess, or Logan. And, frankly, it’s a lot more fun to discuss romantic entanglements than a fledgling — and often frustrating — writing career. We learn Rory is dating a guy named Paul who is so forgettable that literally no one can remember meeting him — and Rory forgets him quite often too, even though he’s her boyfriend of two years (! Even though they have a “when we’re together, we’re together, and when we’re not, we’re not” arrangement, it starts to fall apart.

] In Netflix’s “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life” released on Friday, viewers finally saw how Rory’s story ends. Logan (Rory’s college boyfriend, played by Matt Czuchry) Of all the scenarios we imagined for Rory, we never thought one would be “Embroiled in a torrid affair with Logan while she’s dating a sad sack named Paul and Logan’s engaged to a French heiress named Odette.” Yet that’s what happens starting in the very first episode. And that’s because every time she’s in London, she stays with Logan, her troublemaking ex from Yale who also helped her discover a new world outside of her introverted shell.

However, after getting married in 2008, they officially divorced in 2016.

Stefan instructs Alexis to change her name to Davis and brings her to Port Charles to aid in the legal side of his vendetta against Luke Spencer, the husband of his former lover Laura Spencer.

Alexis is protective of Stefan and her nephew Nikolas Cassadine, going as far as to make Stefan believe that his lover Katherine Bell was actually his half-sister Natasha.

Carry on.) [How to explain why you’re ignoring your family to watch ‘Gilmore Girls’ on Thanksgiving weekend] Even though Rory and Logan have great chemistry and they enjoy each other’s company, Rory puts her foot down when Logan’s fiancee, Odette, moves in with him. We digress.) In typical Logan fashion, he can’t let that be goodbye — he flies to Stars Hollow and enlists his college pals for one more giant Life and Death Brigade extravaganza.

Rory is extremely offended when Logan suggests she stay at a hotel “like a geisha” when she’s in town, and breaks it off with him at the end of the third episode. Rory and Logan sleep together one last time before they say farewell forever, and he goes back to London to marry Odette.

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However, Alexis didn't want to become like the rest of the cruel, murderous Cassadines, and gave up her position as princess.

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