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After examining the certficate details for longer than I would care to admit, finally realized that the problem was with the Intermediate CA certificate (it expired on 2012-10-22), not my host certificate which is still good. Legitimate banks, stores, and other public sites will not ask you to do this.

I use a Start SSL certificate on the web server as well and it was the same problem there. Server: duck.Certificate Status This site attempts to identify itself with invalid information Unknown Identity Certificate is not trusted, because it hasn't been verified by a recognized authority using a secure signature.

Yesterday, Thunderbird popped up a stern certificate warning message stating that the "certificate is not trusted, because it hasn't been verified by a recognized authority using a secure signature".

That's interesting -- I've used this certificate for close to a year now (it expires in a couple of months) and hadn't made any changes. One thing that was interesting is that when I refreshed the page, Firefox (version 16 for Linux) picked up the change, while Chrome (Chromium 20 for Linux) didn't, not even after a restart -- had to clear the cache (Settings You are about to override how Thunderbird identifies this site.

We at Aural Solutions recommend to our customers to use “Mozilla Thunderbird” as an email client because it’s FREE, secure, multi-platform (Linux, Mac, Windows), it’s supported by the huge Mozilla community and it updates frequently, covering the latest needs.

When you’re moving to a new computer or just for security reasons, you may want to make a backup of your Mozilla Thunderbird‘s data: all your emails, your email accounts, contacts and configurations.

There was just no easy way to get to the door motors.

Make sure that you have the “Show hidden files” option active in your file explorer.

In Linux and Mac, any file or folder starting with a dot (“.”) is hidden by default.

To complete the installation, you’ll have to Restart Thunderbird.

With Lightning installed, you should see the Lightning Calendar icon at the top right, next to the Tasks icon.

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For Windows users up to XP, the folder where you can find the “Thunderbird” folder is: For Vista and 7, the folder is: C:\Users\[user name]\App Data Roaming\ For Windows 10, the folder is: C:\Users\[user name]\App Data\Roaming\ On Linux, the Thunderbird data folder can be one of the following, but it depends on the distribution you’re using: ~/.thunderbird/ ~/.mozilla-thunderbird If you need more information, please refer to the Mozilla Knowledge Base, on the following link: When you have to restore your backup, just copy the Thunderbird data folder from your backup to the place where it belongs.

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