Location updating

If you don't want your location to show up on screen, you can go into Ghost Mode.

GSM procedures are sets of steps performed by the GSM network and devices on it in order for the network to function.

Periodic location updating (T3212 timer is used) The network has to do a periodic location updates to update the subscribers in each location area.

To know more about location update read attached document.

"This map isn't about where am I, it's about where are my friends and what are they up to?

It's not about figuring out how to get to your destination, but about discovering where you want to go."When you open the updated app, you'll be walked through a series of onboarding steps which will show you how to get to Snap Map: From the main camera screen, simply pinch your fingers together, then the app will ask you to choose from among three visibility options.

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