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NOTE: I wrote this post about my experience dating women in Medellin back in April of 2013.Over the past 5 years I’ve dated many Colombian women and I frequently update this post.I call it “The Great Awakening.” Two days earlier we’d returned from a romantic week in a favorite city.We held hands walking in the rain-cleansed park, enjoyed restaurant meals and sight-seeing together, had laughs with friends, and had passionate nights.

I wonder if that is part of the reason I am always trying to find the right person and why I feel like such failure when a relationship doesn’t work out. Jessie is currently in therapy, so it’s all good with her too.Now that it’s an acceptable and “normal” option, how do we play the online dating game and win?The truth is, most of the anxieties and pitfalls of dating are the same on and offline.So imagine that you just met your now-ex — at a party, work, school, gym, with friends, in the hot tub — whatever would be plausible now at your current ages and location. We were comparing notes about our recent dating lives. And our frustration at finding a sweetheart who had the means, time and desire to travel, and who had mutual attraction.[click to continue…] Tagged as: 40 dating, boomer dating, Dating after 40, dating after 50, Dating Goddess, dating over 40, dating over 40 advice, dating over 50, dating over forty, mature dating, midlife dating, online dating book for women over 40, over 40 dating, senior dating It began 9 years ago today.

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