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Atmospheric and culturally diverse, explore the beautiful temples - which are important symbols of Thailand, as you're captivated by the warm welcome of the 'land of smiles'.Renowned for its flawless beaches, lush landscapes and flamboyant nightlife - Phuket is an island paradise that won't disappoint.Recently, team Single Dude found themselves on a short trip to Patong Beach in Phuket, Thailand.A lot has changed since I’d been there last about 5 years ago. Basically it’s a small rectangular shaped bar with seats all around, and there are girls working there serving you drinks and taking turns dancing on the bar at the corners.Just over three weeks after the tsunami, tourism is starting to pick up in Patong, the so-called cash register of Phuket.But on the beach and in the bars it is a particular type of holidaymaker who have decided not to cancel their trips and instead support the Thai economy, so reliant on tourism.Phuket has turned into a town for the locals to extract as much as money in as short a period of time as possible from the hordes of Western, Russian, Chinese, and other tourists. Then to remove a girl before her shift is done you have to pay a fee to the bar called a bar fine.Then you still have to pay the girl more after that. Trust me, especially in Patong, dudes, they have some diseases you haven’t even heard of before. Just enjoy the fun, get drunk, ring the special bell that buys cheap shots for the whole bar, make friends and perhaps business connections, play Connect-4 with the very nice but probably disease riddled Thai hookers, and then go outside and get delicious street food.

Unlike in most other nightclubs, there is a big dance floor that fills up most of the space while the tables and bar stools are spread around the back and corners of the club.

It is midnight at Patong Beach and the tourists - almost all men - are out in force.

They spill out from bars on Bangla Road, a stretch of pubs, girlie bars, strip shows and flirting Thai women.

Encrusted with hidden gems - from breathtaking waterfalls to ancient cave paintings and charming cobbled streets.

Thailand's largest island is situated just one hour from Bangkok and offers a range of remarkable things to see and do.

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