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Determining the exact age of any piece of antique furniture can be challenging.Depending on information provided by the piece itself, you may be able to come within a few years of dating it or may have to settle for a span of 50 years or longer. , I wanted to show you a couple of home treasures of ours, that I love. If you like antiques, and/or you like old school things, you may find these pieces interesting.

School desks from more than a century ago were generally made of solid wood, and some were elaborately designed by makers such as Anna Breadin.

Printed in 1939, it has an old worn linen cover, fragile binding, and yellowed pages throughout.

tell you this much; she was as good as any handyman around! He tells me that it originally came from his aunt’s home, who had 5 girls.

Update: 2011: American Seating History PERSONNEL Through most of its history American Seating has been served by presidents of unusual longevity, most notably Thomas Boyd (1906-1929, and H. Alois Lang, who learned woodcarving in his hometown of Oberammergau, Bavaria, began in the American School Furniture Company carving studios in 1902. Wolters, who began as an apprentice carver in Germany, came to American Seating’s Church Division in 1923.

Both were known for their carved statuary, plaques, and architectural details, including “Last Supper” altar pieces, memorials, and special commissions that grace many churches and public buildings throughout West Michigan and the nation.

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