Dropbox not updating files

I am behind an 20Mbit sycronous line, so downloading 100MBs worth of tiff files should not timeout at all (atleast not with sane timeout values).

What is also bugging me, is that the files have to be downloaded from dropbox every time I access them in the owncloud webservice...which is feasible for small files, but not for files 20MBIsn't it possible to download the files to the owcloud server and only update them, if there are changes..desktop client seems to work this way with Dropbox shares..ist't seeing the changes sometimes, which I mentioned before!

Then on 18/5/2014 it stopped syncing for some reason.

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It also means you can open the Scrivener project files from within Scrivener on more than one computer and trust Dropbox to keep things synchronised.

(There are caveats with this, which I’ll get to later.) If you’re used to the old way of syncing it can be a bit of a gear-change to switch to the new method.

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If your Dropbox seems to continuously say it's busy syncing, or does not appear to be syncing all your files, try quitting and restarting Dropbox to resume syncing. For more information on this particular issue, please see this Dropbox article.

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