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To change the capability of the press, one conversion set is interchanged with another....

To change the capability of the press, one conversion set is interchanged with another.

A tool of the class described including a frame having a support for attachments, and a guide alined thereon; a case holder slidable in said guide and having a longitudinal slotthere-- 'in; a capping'arm pivoted on said frame and movable into and out of said slot; and means for advancing and retracting said holder with WALTER SUTTON.

The press utilizes a basic structure to which interchangeable conversion sets are individually mounted to provide a reloading press with a capability. 7, 1933 TOOL FOR RELOADING UNITION Fort v 1 g PISTOLS AND It IFLES I H 7 Walter Sutton, San Francisco, Calif., assignor Pacific Gun Sight Company, San Francisom; Calif., a corporation of California Application June 10, 1931. With the above and other objects in view, the invention consists in the novel features of 10 construction, the combination and arrangement of parts as set forth in the following description, pointed out in the claims and shown in the accompanying drawings, in which: Fig. r The improved tool with its interchangeable attachments, may be adjusted to rebuild any commercial or special size pistol or rifle case. A tool of the class described including a frame having a support for interchangeable attachments, and a guide opening axially alined with said support; a rigid case holder slidable in said opening; a handle pivoted in said frame adjacent said opening; and a link within said opening having its ends pivoted to said holder and handle respectively. A tool of 'the class described including a ing a toggle the centers of whichare adapted to aline within said opening. A tool of the class described including a respect to said: support. TOOL FOR RELOADING AMMUNITION FOR PISTOLS AND RIFLES Filed June 10, 1931 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 ing and bullet seating device; Patented Nov. My invention relates to tools for reloading ammunition for pistols and rifles; and the objects of the improvements are, first, the provision in one tool, of a complete cartridge rebuildsecond, to incorporate in the one tool full length resizing of the cartridge case. Case being set in guide holder 4, is pulled down or away from bullet by depressing the handle 7. Grand Island, Nebraska, became home to the Hornady family when Joyce accepted work training and teaching marksmanship to the security force at the Grand Island Arsenal during the war. The Hornady Sporting Goods Company was a business they could understand; bicycles, tennis rackets, team uniforms, basketballs, baseball bats and gloves. Nevertheless, he learned to shoot, he learned to hunt—and he loved both.

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I have dies already for these calibers rcbs a dd Redding, I'm guessing they'll work on the dillon press?

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