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Fortunately, some areas of society were beginning to integrate.

While attending an integrated camp in the Catskills, Hansberry befriended Philip Rose, a man who would become he strongest supporter, and who would fight to help create .

Properties/Set Decorator Joann Gidos creates the perfectly cramped, deteriorating apartment space with personalized touches of ‘homey” familiarity and the detailed specific furniture and period detail surrounded by wallpapered and fading paint walls.

The emotionally lacerating production of Compass Rose Theater’s meaningful season opener is a poetic stroke of directing artistry in the capable hands of Lottie E. No matter how many times you have read the iconic novel or have seen a production of the play, Compass Rose’s production of is a stirring example of how you can never get enough of a good thing.

This production underscores a time of racial segregation and tension, and is an accurate and truthful depiction of the struggles of an urban, working-class, black family.

Beneatha, the younger of Mama’s two children, has plans for medical school fulfilling her dreams of being a doctor.

But her eldest son Walter Lee’s burning desire of owning his business won’t rest.

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George Murchison might seem like a quite the catch at first: he's educated, he's traveled, and he's got some cash. For Beneatha, men and women can be intellectual and conversational equals.

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