Online dating bullshit

Of course not — why would he buy the cow when he can get the milk for free?So if you and your partner feel like going all the way, go for it.

The reason for deleting their dating apps all seemed to boil down to either time consuming, frustrating, or boring. I’ve downloaded and deleted that app maybe six times in the last 12 months.

Anyone who’s ever thumbed through Tinder or cruised Ok Cupid long enough has seen people sharing their Myers-Briggs personality types. Myers-Briggs is one of the most popular pop psych phenomenons in history, with 2.5 million people taking a Myers-Briggs test each year and the majority of Fortune 100 corporations using it to inform their leadership structures.

You probably recognize Myers-Briggs by its signature, four-letter combinations. And now it’s caught on with online daters, who advertise their personality type in the hopes of attracting someone with a complementary four-letter code.

I was talking to a group of my girlfriends the other day and the topic of dating came up. No, neither had entered into a relationship and was now deleting their apps because their exclusive relationship required it, but rather, they were deleting their apps because they were talking to too many men, going on too many uneventful first dates, sending out too many messages only to receive radio silence, and getting too many “Sups” from uninspired suitors.

These women were deleting their dating apps because they were tired.

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