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A snapshot of the current stock levels is taken (and an entry made in the log file).Only items that are marked "We stock it" are included in the stocktake.If you have Wi Fi then you can email the data as soon as you complete it.- The Stocktake is saved as you go in case you loose battery power, therefore you will not loose the data - You can either stop the stocktake and finalise it, or leave the stocktake open, allowing you to continue it at another time if required - Ability to edit an existing stocktake if you miss an item or input incorrect data Upon completion of the stocktake, exporting the data could not be simpler.Disclaimer: This Working Paper should not be reported as representing the views of the IMF.

Larger organisations for example might do a rotating stocktake, where a stocktake is done on one category of product one month, another category the next month and so forth.Or if you require a more advanced stocktaking solution the app also facilitates just about any stocktake type you require.- Location barcodes - 1 item per location or multiple items per location - ability to take SKU photos as you stocktake - Preload data onto the scanner to show product information (such as name) upon scanning - Preload products and/or locations so the scanner directs the stocktaker to each product or location in order of your pickpath - Capture product dimensions and weights - Capture stocktakers name if you're using more then 1 stocktaker The App has been designed by people who have worked in the Logistics Industry, so it will work in a way many other solutions will not.Key features include: - Offline capability, so you do not require Wi Fi during the stocktake.Energy subsidies impose fiscal costs, hurting SOEs, competitiveness, and distribution.The paper overviews country experience with subsidy reform, drawing lessons.

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