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Kunis' relationship with Culkin may be behind her, but she admits that the paparazzi is just as bad with Kutcher, 38.

"I know that after Wyatt was born, we had drones in our backyard," she told Stern, adding that she doesn't take the lack of privacy well.

Feeling lost after his 2001 divorce from wife Alison Berns, Howard Stern revealed to Rolling Stone that he turned to sex for comfort before eventually finding love again with second wife Beth Ostrosky."My marriage ending blew my mind.

I was upset that I failed, let down my family, my kids, my ex-wife; it all was very painful," Stern told the mag in its new issue.

Stern was very concern that Alison would not support him in the career he chose and started doing a job he was not interested in.

"It dawned on me that I really didn't need that much sex," he recalled.On June 4, 1978, the college sweethearts Alison and Stern got married at Temple Ohabei Shalom in Brookline, Massachusetts.It was a small ceremony attended by their families and close friends.“That’s something I’m more concerned about.” Stern said he had some eligible bachelors with whom he could connect Johansson, particularly comedic types.Johansson, though, said someone entrenched in the world of standup probably isn’t her best match.

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"But I know since before we started dating, since I was like, 16, I told my dad, 'Just so you know, I don't believe in marriage.' And my dad's like, 'What did I just create?

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