1 config files in etc need updating

Note: The most accurate list of settings available for a given configuration file is in the ."all these worlds are yours, except /default - attempt no editing there" -- duckfez, 2010 The default directory contains preconfigured versions of the configuration files. Important: Never change or copy the configuration files in the default directory.The Mac Ports configuration files often do not need to be modified for the general end user.They contain options that may be of use to advanced users and port developers.

I've never manually changed this file, and I don't know what might have changed it in the background (in such a way that Synaptic thinks it might not be legit). Needless to say, I have no idea how many other conflicts like this I'll get when I continue with the upgrade. It handles both source and binary packages, and it can be used to create binary packages for distribution.EBUILDS, TBZ2S, SETS AND ATOMS emerge primarily installs packages.The most common Linux shell is BASH (Bourne Again Shell). Portage is a package management system that is used by Gentoo and Sabayon to install, uninstall and maintain software on your system from the source code. You need a Sabayon Linux or a Gentoo Linux installation, a working brain (not everybody has one :), some eyes and the ability to read, think and learn. How do I install software in Sabayon from source code?

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