Dating while separated in georgia

Click here to read our free report on Georgia Divorce Document and Procedure Separation Georgia does not have a “separation” requirement, as many other states require.

In fact, in divorce proceedings in Georgia, unlike other states, you can continue to reside together in the same marital home and be considered "separated".

Waiting Periods Second, let's look at "waiting periods".

A divorce can be obtained in Georgia in as little as thirty-one (31) days from the date of filing the divorce action.

Ideally, adultery occurring after separation but prior to the divorce should not be viewed as the cause of the divorce itself.

Nevertheless, many judges and juries place much weight on this conduct in making determinations of custody, visitation, support, and other such matters.

If custody or visitation rights are in issue, dating can interfere with a negotiated settlement or may be used as evidence before the Court as to why custody or visitation should be predicated on perceived conduct during dating.

It is true that any romantic relationship outside your marriage is technically adultery.

Whether or parties must be divorced on adultery grounds when the parties did not begin to see other people until after the separation is a different issue, however.

Second, a spouse will frequently contend that a relationship existed prior to the separation if dating begins immediately following a separation, and your spouse may accuse you of having an improper relationship before separation occurred.

Obviously, if you are not dating, it minimizes the likelihood of at least one area of arguments.

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Clients frequently ask whether it is permissible to begin dating after the separation but before the divorce decree has been entered.

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