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Friends are jumping to Lena Dunham’s defense following criticism of the “Girls” creator for working with Terry Richardson on a V mag shoot.

Slate ran a piece by Amanda Hess asking why women in entertainment continue to work with men who treat women poorly, calling out Dunham for condemning R.

She is carrying a tallboy that dwarfs her tiny frame, scolding her clingy boyfriend, Charlie, and looking for some weed.

Neither reps have confirmed or denied any of this, and there's no word on what led to the split. But if we're being real with ourselves, it probably was.“In every campaign, there are a few interns and junior staffers who manage to stand out, and she was one of those,” said Howard Wolfson, who ran the Clinton campaign and now serves as deputy mayor.Celebrity photographer Terry Richardson — the man accused of soliciting sexual favors from young models looking for a break — is going to be someone’s dad. “Skinny and I are very excited to let you guys know that we are expecting TWINS in the spring!!!These qualities serve her well by day as the spokesperson for Scott Stringer—Manhattan borough president, former mayoral hopeful and shoo-in for comptroller—as she walks reporters through wonky white papers on everything from Silicon Alley to economic abuse as a form of domestic violence.But she is equally comfortable downtown, where she lives with roguish fashion photographer Terry Richardson, mixes with young Hollywood and is a fixture at Cinema Society screenings and fashion shows.

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