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D., then we would have good reason for believing that they were written by the disciples of Jesus Himself.

If they were written by the disciples, then their reliability, authenticity, and accuracy are better substantiated.

Traditionally, therefore, they are referred to as the synoptic gospels Most of the content of 606 out of the 661 verses (approximately 90%) of Mark appears in Matthew.

That means that out of the 1068 verses in Matthew, about 500 (close to half) contain information also found in Mark.

When we compare Luke to Matthew (excluding verses similar to Mark), we notice these two have about 250 verses with common material not found in Mark.

The authors of the gospels and the general time periods when the gospels were published were known by the church. This is what establishes their publication in the first century. He was considered a god, and as a god was honoured by you with a statue, which statue was erected on the river Tiber, between the two bridges, and bore this inscription, in the language of Rome, “Simoni Deo Sancto.” If Peter came to Rome when Claudius was Emperor, it was most likely in the early 50’s A. So Peter would not have stayed in Rome for that whole period. Paul appeals to Caesar which gives Paul the right to plead his case before the Emporer as a Roman citizen. We will begin with the synoptic gospels and then give the general time period of John’s gospel which was written much later than the first three. He sets sail for Rome in the first few months of Festus’ reign. The dates of the publishing of the Synoptic Gospels as we shall see can be generally established by their connection with Peter and Paul’s ministry in Rome and their subsequent death at the hands of the Emporer Nero. The Historical Circumstances Explained Peter first came to Rome in the reign of the Emperor Claudius (50’s AD) Eusebius tells us that Peter came to Rome during the reign of Claudius to defend the faith against a heretic named Simon Magus. Since Festus was procurator from approximately 59 A. The same is true of Luke: 350 verses in Mark appear with little change in Luke’s gospel.Therefore of the 1149 verses found in Luke, 350 are parallel accounts (about 30%) to Mark. This has led to the widely held notion that Mark was the first gospel written, and that both Luke and Matthew had at least a partial copy of Mark available to them, as they wrote their gospels.

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Once it can be established that disciples contemporaneous with Jesus wrote the gospels, then we know that the gospels were published in the lifetime of those disciples and in the same generation as Jesus himself. Bruce writes on the date of Festus’ procuratorship, “Festus appears to have governed Judaea from A. 59 to his death in 62…A more reliable pointer to the date of Felix's replacement has been found in a change in the Judaean provincial coinage attested for Nero's fifth year (A. 58-59); this coin issue ‘is more likely to be the work of a new procurator than of an outgoing one who had already minted a large issue’ (E. Smallwood, The Jews under Roman Rule, SJLA 20 [Leiden, 1976], p. He does not indicate that Luke’s gospel was published after Mark’s. The Gospel of John was published after the synoptic gospels while John was living in Ephesus.

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