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One is the breakdown of the family because of divorce, he said.

That creates dysfunctions and disorders in people's characters and personalities, making it harder for them to enter into committed relationships. Pursue, rather, personal integrity, and the relationship part will come as it's meant to come." He also said the Church advocates that people live spousally, even if they are single.

Any tips or encouragement or prayers for better luck in finding one?

Either on Ave Maria Singles or Saint Raphael or offline?

I first meet Monaghan—who built Domino’s Pizza from one rinky-dink parlor in Ypsilanti, Michigan, into a billion-dollar business and who once owned the Detroit Tigers—in Naples, Florida, in his office in a pink stucco house on the temporary campus of Ave Maria University.

"You're doing it, yes, as a single person, but put your sights on personal holiness, personal integrity as a Christian. "Get like-minded cool friends who have the same values and faith. Once you get that base in place, you uncover all the places that devout Catholics get together, and you start learning more about them, and then I think your whole social world opens up, and then the dating will come automatically." Several single Catholics at the conference said that patience -- and faith -- are key to figuring out God's will while being single.

Psalm 37 has become a "lifeline" for Cecilia Schwartz, 29, from Grand Rapids, Mich.

And, of course, I'm looking forward to being with them for cruises in the future!

The street grid of Ave Maria, Florida, is skewed precisely 2.49 degrees north of east so that the new city’s eastern avenues will catch the sunrise each March 25, the day on which Catholics traditionally mark the Feast of the Annunciation.

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